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Egg Hatcher - Alpha 5

2010-08-22 21:09:30 by HxG

Try the alpha version of my new game 'Egg Hatcher'.
Click here to play

Egg Hatcher - Alpha 5


2008-08-25 14:39:53 by HxG

Can't wait for the game. The worse thing is: I got no Xbox 360
So i have to wait for a PC version...

Whatever i just wanted to announce that i stop working on YaMSF to the few fans i got


YaMSF - Jump Story

2008-01-04 11:14:36 by HxG

YaMSF (Yet another MapleStory Flash) - Jump Story

Well this will be the title of my first flash game ever!
I've been "working" two days on the code and animation. Gosh it's not easy to script something without knowledges!

Preview - Alpha and this is quite NOTHING >_<

News 5/1/2008
Run skill disabled when MP lower than 15.
Gravity seems to work. Snail moves right.
When you hit the snail you get knockback right and lost hp are shown.
Added some tiles
You can edit the characters name (14 chars)

News 4/1/2008
This is my first flash so i have to learn some ActionScript, which seems to be a little problem. There are problems with gravity/falling, jumping and scrooling
I hope i understand how to get this work soon!
So after i finished the 'engine' the real work will beginn.
Man this could have been done in a few days.

edit: gravity seems to work :)
i'll upload another version if more things important does work
working hard on a ki/ai/whateverI!!!

Release: N/A (Mabye 2008)
Flash: 9
ActionScript: 2
Resolution: 800x600
Filesize: I guess it will be something around 5 MB

Platform Engine
- Jump, Climb, Slope, Run, etc.
- Skills for Movement
- Time Attack, Training, ... well whatever comes to my mind!

- HP/MP + Pots
- Maple-like Interface

- Cashshop/Customize character (Maybe in later a version)
- Editor for custom maps (Maybe in later a version)
- Cheats or something