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Movie of the year

I'd like to say more than i can, but somehow i am stunned. This movie was so awesome and even the audiocomment made me laugh and...gosh...it's unique!
The graphis were and still are good. The sound quality is great. What im supposed to say, i don't know. I just want to thank you to Egoraptor!

Well done!

So the animation was okay, but in the second scene, when the chara is going downstairs, it could have been better!
I guess the voices were not so loud (don't know the opposit atm). And some subtitles would be helpfull (for me to udnerstand wahts going on). Well on this episode there was a lot to read ;)

Oh before i submit this. Please make the next episode just a bit longer :D

Devil May Awesome

Yes he is :D
The last Compl. wasn't so good, but this time it was freaking good!
I wish it had some subtitles, because i don't speak/understand english fluently.

See you in one month :)

P.s.: Awesome Score!!!!!111

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Like Pokemon but even more addictive!

Damn it i thought Pokemon made me wanna play for 24h a day but this game is just awesome. There are a few flaws concerning the interface and it's limited content but if you keep updating the game this will stay an awesome experience for us :)

cool idea, but the rest

for a game which deals with upgrading a lot there wasn't so much to upgrade. i'd like to have so much to upgrade that it becomes annoying. also the real game in it (spaceship wahtever sidescroller) wasn't a game meant to be played. it's just to simple. there is no way you can lose.
so i'm waiting for another, improved version of this game!

too bad

Did anyone play "Kingdom of The Wind" ?
Well it is very similar with this game. so i've no more to say than, sorry but i don't see anything new in this game, so it's kinda "copyed".
But you did also well. Running fluently. Nice drawing. The first level is a bit to esay (just send uniteds and win)

artlogicgames responds:

actually this game is improved version from kow
and im author of kow
if u see there is lot of new features that u wouldnt see at kow.

thanks for playing.

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